End User License Agreement

End User License Agreement

This End User License Agreement (“Agreement”) outlines the terms related to your use of Treads (“Application”) provided to you by Treads App, LLC (“Treads”). This Agreement provides you with a non-transferable license to use the Application on any mobile device you own or control that runs on the iOS or Android operating systems, as permitted by the respective app store’s Terms of Service. It is Treads’s intent to publish and maintain identical versions of this Agreement within the Application and the app stores; however, if there is any conflict between the version of this Agreement published within this Application and the version of the Agreement published within the app stores, the provisions of the Agreement published within this Application are controlling.

Your Privacy

In addition to information you intentionally and voluntarily submit to Treads in connection with your use of the Application and its features, you grant Treads permission to automatically and continually collect the following information from you as part of your use of the Application:
· Persistent Identifiers (Device ID, etc.)

· Technical device information (model, software version, carrier, battery information)

· Your contact information

· Location

· Phone sensor/movement data (display status, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, etc.)

· Trip information (date and time, speed, miles driven, etc.)

· Patterns of application usage, user interaction, and screen views (analytics). Once you register your vehicle with the Application, this information will be collected and transmitted to Treads any time your device is on. Treads will use this information to estimate the wear and tear on your vehicle tires and make recommendations for servicing and or replacements and may include the use of third-party service providers.

Your Obligations

You will not:
· Modify, disassemble, reverse engineer, create derivative works, or otherwise tamper with, the Application, except as permitted under applicable open source licenses; and

· Redistribute any portion of this Application in any way, except as permitted under applicable open source licenses.

· Violate any applicable third party terms of agreement when using this Application

You are:

· Solely responsible for any data charges resulting from your use of the Application;

· At least 18 years old and legally permitted to drive.

In order to fully use the Application, you will need to purchase a Treads subscription plan,
schedule additional vehicle services, and register your vehicle(s) in the Treads application.


You should never interact with the Treads application, or any other application on your phone,
while driving. Treads will not be liable for any harm or damages arising out of your use of or
interaction with Treads or any other application.

Apple and Google Terms

· Apple and Google and their subsidiaries are third party beneficiaries of this Agreement, and as such Apple and Google will have the right to enforce this Agreement against you.

· Apple and Google are not responsible for the Application, including any maintenance or support of the Application.

· Apple and Google have absolutely no warranty obligations with respect to this Application.

· Apple and Google are not responsible for any third party claims against you relating to the Application, including but not limited to:

Product liability claims;
Claims that the Application fails to meet applicable legal or regulatory requirements;
Claims arising under consumer protection or similar laws; or
Intellectual property infringement.
Apple and Google bear no responsibility for the investigation, defense, settlement or discharge of any such claims.

Additional Terms

· This is a non-transferable license to use the Application on any mobile device you own or control that runs on the iOS or Android operating systems.

· Treads disclaims all warranties regarding the Application, including any warranty that operation of the Application may be error free or uninterrupted.

· Treads shall not be liable for any damages over $100.00


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